Privacy Policy

Top Work S.r.l., in 99,Consiglio dei Sessanta Road - 47891 Dogana, Republic of San Marino, C.O.E. SM26974, owner of the website, respects its visitors’ privacy. In this page will be described how the users’ personal data are employed. It is a report under the San Marino Law n. 70 on the 23rd may 1995 regarding the ones who interact with the web services of Top Work S.r.l. through the URL: The report concerns ONLY this website. The report is inspired also by the Reccomendation n. 2/2001 that has been adopted by the European authorities, reunited in the Group of the art.29 of the Directive95/46/CE, regarding the protection of personal data, on the 17th May 2001 in order to identify the minimal requirements for the collection of personal data on-line and, in particular, the modalities and the deadlines of the information that the owners have to provide the users when they connect to websites.


After the consultation of this website, data regarding identified people can be treated¨: Top Work S.r.l in 99,Consiglio dei Sessanta Road - 47891 Dogana, San Marino Republic, C.O.E. SM26974.


The location of data processing of this website is the headquarter of Top Work S.r.l.- San Marino and they are treated by the technical staff or by people in charge of maintenance. NO DATA CAN BE DISSEMINATED . Users’ personal data are used only to fulfill the requests and they are notified to a third party only it is needed to.


The computer system, while the user is surfing the net, acquires personal data. They are types of data that can be used, together with other data owned by a third party, to identify the users. In this type of data we have: IP addresses or Domain Names of the Computer used by the user, URI addresses (Uniform Resource Identifier) of the request, the time of the request , the way used to submit the request to the server, the file size, the code indicating the response status of the server (success, error, etc.) and other data regarding the operating system. Those data are used to obtain info about the use of the website and to check its functioning, they are deleted after the processing. Also, those kind of data can be used in case of cybercrime against the website. Anyway, data don’t last more than seven days.


Sending e-mail to addresses on this website implicates the acquisition of the sender’s address, in order to respond to the request. Specific info will be reported on the pages of the websites suitable for particular requests.


To access to the services of Top Work S.r.l, some data such as name, surname, address, e-mail, date of birth, VAT etc, can be asked to the user. To access to our services we don’t need delicate info, such as the ones about politic, ethic or legal matter.

The user can give his personal data through 2 modalities:

  • Filling web/web-app/app forms: the registration to services through the compilation of forms implicate the acquisition of personal data by the controller.
  • E-mail: ending e-mail to our website implicate the acquisition of personal data, such as the sender’s email. The emails you find on this website do not correspond to a person, but they belong to the association, even if they include a name. Therefore, the messages sent to our email can be known not only by the addressee, but also by other member of the association. Forwarding messages to our address, the user declares to have read our policy and to accept it.

Data collected by Top Work S.r.l - San Marino will be used to send promotion, special offers and other kinds of communication. Signing up in our newsletter, the user allows the treatment of his data for the purposes explained above. Top Work S.r.l.- San Marino, gives to the users the possibility to modify, update and delete their data whenever they’d like, sending an email to: [email protected] The removal from the newsletter service can be done also online.


Top Work S.r.l. doesn’t take any responsibility for items created by a third party with whom the website has a link. The user who decides to visit a website linked to has to take his responsibility for possible virus or other issues. The link with other websites doesn’t imply that Top Work S.r.l. is affiliated with the entities of those websites.


Apart from what we already mentioned about navigation data, the user can give willingly his personal data to the controller in order for other information to be sent to him. If the user doesn’t give data, it will be impossible to fulfill his request. Eventually, it has to be said that sometimes the controller can ask for info, in order to check personal data. In this case the response is compulsory on pain of administrative penalty.


The under-18 user can surf our website. However, they can’t use services for which giving personal data is required. The registration and the usage of the services from the website is allowed only to over-18. No under-18 should register or use the services, except if they have parents’ approval.


Data are treated with automated tools only for the period of time when they are needed to fulfill the purposes. Specific security measure are observed in order to prevent loss of data.


Personal data given by the user will be used only for the purposes required by the user himself. If Top Work S.r.l. intends to use the data for other purposes, users’ approval will be asked. Data can be used also for economic analysis, stats and market investigation. However, this treatment is done only giving data ANONYMOUSLY, without matching personal data and its user.


Apart from what we already took into consideration, personal data can be known by:

  • Societies linked to Top Work S.r.l.
  • Societies that provide Top Work S.r.l. with the services used by Top Work S.r.l itself.
  • Commercial brokers belonging to the sales network of Top Work S.r.l.

Anyway, Top Work S.r.l. provides with the designation of the responsible for the treatment of data. Generally data can be disseminated.


Users can ask whenever about the existence of his data and about its content, as well as he can ask for an update or a correction. Art. 10-14 Law n. 70 on the 23rd May 1995 (RSM). Under the same law, users can ask for deleting, transform in an anonymous form or block data. They can also oppose themselves to their treatment. Those request have to be addressed to: Top Work S.r.l. - San Marino.

This report constitutes the policy privacy of this website and in the future it will be possibly updated.